Public Transport – 1. Candice – 0.

Mum would laugh, roll her eyes and say, “oh Candice, really? You need to look at things properly!” Since I can remember, my all too quick decision making would get me into pickles – and today was no exception.

I’ve just had a month off from work – not exactly planned, but I took it for all it was worth. I slept in, visited beaches, had all the coffee dates and saw even more people. It was glorious. So, needless to say, I was well rested. I was ready to tackle day one of a new job today. I mean, I hardly bounced out of bed at 5:30am, but being awake before the resident king cat came with benefits.

Orientation is hardly exciting, but I met people, checked out the site, and was excited for what was to come in this new chapter. So, keep in mind, I caught the bus relatively drama free this morning, considering it was earlier than my body was used to functioning.

After work, I had it all planned (but as I said earlier, Mum knows all too well I can skip details!) – the bus stop, the bus number – bound for Manly. Leaning against the bus shelter outside work, I confirmed with my phone I had 4 minutes until the bus was due. Awesome, I can relax. At that moment, a bus with my number on it parked right there! Perfect! It’s early! Sweet. I knew exactly what I’m doing, and I swiped my magic card and took up a back seat, donned the headphones and drifted into imagination. After about 20 mins, I heard a loud shout and looked up to see an empty bus, and an annoyed bus driver shouting “last stop!” What the heck! Where am I?! This isn’t my street, I’ve never even seen this place! Quickly hopping off and doing countless dazed 360s, I was indeed, in Chatswood. URGH. I’d gotten on the right number bus, but going in the wrong direction. I was texting a friend at the time and oh, H, I’m sorry for that colorful panicked commentary! Yes Mum, I know, I should have noticed this on the bus before I got on.

Anyway, no point crying over spilt milk. I’m in Chatty now, and I need to get out. Using my magic transport app, I realised I had to get on one bus, and then change buses after a few stops. Simple, right? I found the right bus parked just there, but he wouldn’t let me on, gesturing around the corner as he drove off. Huh? Now what? The right bus just drove off… come BACK and save me! After a brief pout, I chased him. I hadn’t run that fast for a long while – but by some miracle I caught him. First time running after a bus (tick). Okay, we’re on the right bus, I just need to get off at the right place. My stop came up – the neat 5 stops later, and after swiping my magic card, I should have just stepped off the bus – logic would say. No – I practically fell out, narrowly missing a face plant. First time falling out off a bus (tick).

I’m ready to just throw a tanty by this stage – I should be home already, and I’m literally down the road from work, having just done a scenic tour for the sake of it.

At least the transport (sort of) had mercy on me. You see, once you spend $15ish dollars on public transport a day, the rest is free. It worked out that my last trip back home was free. They saved the damsel in distress. Until tomorrow bus, I’ll try learn my lesson. In the meantime, guess who can be lazy and take free transport down to the beach!

I’m sorry Mum, I don’t think I’ve learned. I’ll probably still be in my own little world and get on the wrong bus maybe not tomorrow, but probably soon. Lets be honest now, this farm girl is bound to get herself into a shambles – I wonder where i’ll end up next time?untitled (1 of 1)-4

Pictured is my magic transport card. It has the power to provoke a tanty, and the power for adventure. Even though today was tanty worthy, it was an adventure. The power of a bit of coloured plastic.

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