A date with my car and camera 📸

What?! Didn’t she only just move to Sydney?! Home already!!
What can I say – my car was lacking in that glorious red dirt layer. Stand down, it has a healthy layer on it now. My rear view is pure red dirt – perfect.
Its no secret I love my car – but my oh my the inbuilt GPS is nothing but an adventure-less prude. On a glorious dirt road in the middle of a national park it has thrown its arms up and was urging me to cease this pointless expedition. “Road in poor condition” was displayed, but the know-it-all I think wasn’t coping with not knowing where we were. With my inside voice answering “don’t tell me what to do”, car and I continued on our adventure.
There were sixty three thousand roos, 1 emu, and 3 wild goats. “Ah, scuse me Candice, but where is your proof?” They tell me taking photos while driving is poor form and I (sometimes) refrain.
I had no idea where I was, and along with an equally lost GPS, it was time to take some photos (and attempt circle work).
It’s no secret that rural NSW is spectacular, but I must say, my understanding of this has only just begun. I’m loving Sydney and all it has to offer, but there’s no place like home ♥️
— All photos taken in Yenda or Cocoparra National Park 

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