Finding my feet 🐾

Moving from a small country town to a big city takes a little more adjustment than what my pants require after weeks of unrestrained great food.
But moving on your own also poses a potential great adventure…

With work not yet on the cards, my days are open for endless adventures!
I think everyone needs an adventure at some point in their lives; to heal, to learn about yourself, to learn to love yourself again.
I’m not normally one for spontaneity and lack of plans, but i’ve walked to the nearest bus stop and gotten on the first bus with little idea where I was going. I’ve chosen the traditional check out instead of self serve and struck up heaps of conversations with the locals. I’ve been enabled to spend half an hour deciding between the milk and dark chocolate coated almonds, finally settling on the honey cashews at the very last minute.
Getting on my bike without studying a map and finding beach within 15 minutes has been one of my favourite things. With my Dora-dubbed-backpack, I got my tourist on as I pulled out my camera while on the beach and studied this one seagull that seemed so oblivious to each wave, but basked in them anyway when it got wet. I learnt a thing or two from its attitude… and I didn’t get shat on, so that was a welcomed bonus.
When you explore on your own, you really notice the things you wouldn’t otherwise, and you care about them that little bit more. You look beyond the convenience of Coles being within walking distance, and beyond the 4 confusingly different garbage bins. You notice the way people interact around you, the birds, the hustle, the mundane, the exquisite, and you notice how you fit amongst this environment. You notice how you connect without the safety net of having someone next to you. And you do, you do connect. It truly is a beautiful thing.
I’ve learned so much about myself in the past few days, it shouldn’t be a surprise how much we evolve when challenged with a new experience.
I still haven’t found my feet, but with each new person I meet, and old friend I see, I’ll find my feet one footstep at a time. 🌻#manlybeach#manly #seagull #sunsetbeach #mysoloadventure #beautyfromashes

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