Taking on the world… one perfectly brewed Tumeric&Matcha latte at a time.

I could steer this entry in so many ways - +Turn Left for embracing singleness. +Turn Right for embracing culture where you live.  +Take the ferry to embrace friendships in the now.  +Continue ahead for all the above.  Lets go with the latter. The directionless-yet-all-directions-can’t-decide option. When in Rome, do as Romans do. It was... Continue Reading →


I’m sorry to the Subaru Outback, I know you belong in the country. But you’re handling the traffic so well!

“If I leave the house at 06:37am, I’ll be in the door ready for handover by 06:57am”. - A thought I took for granted and miss oh, so much! Never take for granted driving in the country - its one of my top rated joys in life nowadays. Its the greatest juxtaposition taking my beloved... Continue Reading →

Whinge therapy. 

Living at home all my life up until recently, I took it for granted that I could lay pathetically in bed and holla “Mam!” as I was convinced I was dying a slow death. Whether it be the 24hr bug, the arrival of Aunt Flo, or a migraine, I rarely suffered in silence. Even if... Continue Reading →

Finding my feet 🐾

Moving from a small country town to a big city takes a little more adjustment than what my pants require after weeks of unrestrained great food. But moving on your own also poses a potential great adventure… With work not yet on the cards, my days are open for endless adventures! I think everyone needs... Continue Reading →

Downhill = water, uphill = home

Day 1. I still have no bearings- but downhill = water, uphill = home. ... Today at least! Waking up and getting my beach on making a green smoothie, I then set out today resembling Dora The Explorer. As I confidently walked out and down the road in my runners and backpack, all I was... Continue Reading →

24 years a grape growers daughter

Growing up Aussie/Italian 24 years a grape growers daughter and nurse in Yenda: - Theres no garbage collection. Hooray! No bins to take out… ever. - Gross water to the house in winter. The clean water come spring lessens the blow of the hayfever - woo! - Live-in monsters at harvest time. I’ve now learnt... Continue Reading →

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